Dead Rock Stars

So me and Joel are having dinner at my favourite Indian place and Joel starts talking about us doing a podcast together. Sheesh, these days everyone is talking about doing a podcast. But Joel has this idea to do one based on dead rock stars – “So they can’t sue us!” he says.

I agree, this might be funny. Then he says he can’t think of a good enough title for it. But he keeps referring to the podcast as “the Dead Rock Stars” idea. I say that’s a good title. He says, “Yeah, but I’m not it’s good enough.”

We sit there eating and thinking about it.

“I like it,” I say. “Dead Rock Stars – it’s got a ring.”

“Does what it says on the tin,” says Joel.

So we agree to give it a go and no more is heard until Joel unearths a friend that happens to be BBC radio producer name Ian. Ian produces podcasts. Proper ones. For a proper company. Joel arranges a pub lunch.

I’m on the defensive. I know that Joel and I know what we’re talking about but I don’t if Ian will. Turns out he does.

And so a couple of months ago we sat down, Joel and I, to record our first episode – on Lemmy. No script, no pre-discussed plan. Joel has a couple of notes to help him do a really cheerful and cheesy intro and I have years of ugly hurt to help me pour out the rivers of anti–love. And… it’s such fun. Like when we’re having a curry, only a little more focussed.

We have now done a few, with many more to go. Ronnie James Dio was second. Freddie Mercury is third, and there will be a new one every Friday – next up John Bonham – from now until we either run out of dead rock stars or Joel or I die.

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