Dead Rock Stars 2

OK, I’m going to see if I can do this properly this time. As most of you noticed, my first Dead Rock Stars blog was full of typos. Ian the producer wondered if this was because I was deliberately trying to make Joel sound stupid. Joel just got mad at me. That’s Joel McIver, by the way, my fellow rock biographer and blood brother. And that’s Ian Callaghan, my newly made brother and digi-whiz of 7Digital.

Breathe out…

So… let me tell you a little more. First, what this podcast isn’t – one of those cringe-inducing YouTube-type channel abortions where you get uber-fans slavering about their all-time fave rock star type people. Then ‘inviting’ other ‘fans’ to ‘get involved’. Fuck that.

This is me and Joel talking turkey the way we do in real life. That is, telling the hideous truth, come what may. What anyone else thinks does not matter. Do your own podcast if you want to say something different. But if you want to hang out with us and hear the real malarkey, you will have come to the right place.

The idea of guests has been mentioned. I say no. That would make us more like all the other pods. The idea of ‘broadening things out’, that is, covering people that aren’t really rock stars, in order to ‘attract more listeners’. Again, we say no. We do not want to sound like ALL THE OTHERS. Just us.

And that’s the way things should be done. Did John Peel prise open his arse cheeks to be more ‘popular’ or did he just do his own thing and become the greatest along the way, someone the others could never even come close to?

That’s us. Not John Peel. Not Bob and Bill with their cheese and biscuits patter and listener-friendly play-nice rules.

Just us. Talking about dead rock stars.

Tomorrow: John Bonham.

2 thoughts on “Dead Rock Stars 2

  1. Hey Mick, I know I’m being a little ackward here since this is not My native Language what I’m writing and that being the Case I cannot ever become a great rock Star. So I did’nt wanna become a rock Star. You know I can allways listen to My Records and wonder how they’ve made those records and I can allways go play in a cover band and make those awesome songs mine. You guys are the best podcast I ever listened to. I’m offcourse talking about Dead Rockstars, Even in Finland would’nt you know we listen to your show. Thanx.

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