Freezing Asses

Snow up the wazoo. Ice in my fingers. Schools closed, roads undrivable. Keep going, Joe. You got to go, ho. Go ho go, like in New York City. Back in 72. When Thunders was still young and the boy with the name like a knife was still frantically learning.

Or not like that at all. Agency blues. The uber-agent anxiety. The proposal and counter-proposal. The end of the line looking you straight in the freezing ass. Cancer of the career. Give you 12 months. That’s the fear. The endless nightmare. Check the tarot. The End, but don’t be sad face, it’s all about new begins. New begins at 60. No consolation. No phone call. No ez-fx.

Not even a decent blog out of it. Just some kind of pressure. In the head. Outside the head. Frozen.

5 thoughts on “Freezing Asses

  1. Hi Mick

    Any chance of writing a book on Queens of The Stone Age?

    Probably not your thing but very little writers out there at the moment with half a brain to give it justice.

    Thanks and have a good one over xmas, if there is such a thing.

    • Hi Ivor, good idea. Surprised you don’t think it might be my thing. I wrote about and championed Kyuss in the early days and played QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures on various radio shows I have done over the years. I also wrote the Foos book, another association. ANYWAY, I would love to write a book on them. I don’t know them personally, that’s the thing. But may look into it via ‘official channels’. Have a great Xmas yourself mate, and thanks for the suggestion, cheers!

      • Great that I could spark a idea. Your Foos book was great. Just need to get Them Crooked Vultures back together.

        Dave behind the kit is better than Dave with guitar in hand. I’m just glad that’s there plenty of them on YT. Just my opinion.

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