north folk

So I did the Voewood thing on Saturdsy – with all the fam in front row attendance. In the main tent which I thought I’d never fill yet was somehow full by the time I started blathering. What I discovered was that people are intetested in book talk but much prefer the stories which they all laughed at. I always knew this but was surpised as this crowd was more literary than rock. Made me definitely want to do more.
Meanwhile… Sunday was the official start of the holiday part of this trip. Which of course meant a day out at Dinosaur World! Motto: You’ll be glad you came and saurus. Proper monsters of rock stuff.
Boy loved it. Girls hissed and moaned for first 10 mins then loved it. Mum and dad… who cares what they like! Yay!
Actually a long afternoon in the sunny fresh air. Did us both the power of good. Day ended with a real find – an exceptional Chinese takeaway. We are now spoiled forever. No other Chinese will ever come close.
Then the real highlight of the day. All in bed by 9pm. Trying to read but actually zzzzzzzz.
Today – true metal at Norfolk Lavender. Smell it good baby…

One thought on “north folk

  1. Brilliant Mick. I knew it would work for you. The books are amazing. You are a born raconteur so you should get on the reading circuit as a source of income.
    As zeppelin seem to be riding on a current high maybe you should focus on that book or for one of the reading tours with an update only available through the readings.
    Anyway you deserve it
    Best regards

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